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Have you seen the movie NYAD yet?

This movie provides such a powerful reminder that no matter the obstacles or setbacks we face, we are never too old to chase our dreams, we should never give up on them, and we have people around us to support us and help us achieve our dreams.

Nyad's incredible journey of persistence and determination to swim from Cuba to Florida at the age of 64 is truly remarkable and so very inspiring. It took her 5 attempts over 35 years – but eventually she has made it! She made her dream come true and showed the world that what has been thought to be impossible, was – in fact possible. No matter the circumstances, no matter what everyone else thought, if you believe it – you can achieve it!

As she reached Florida’s shore, her message included the following 3 points:

1.       Never give up,

2.       You are never too old to chase your dreams, and

3.       It looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team.

It is so relevant for us all, either at our own business, our career, or whenever we pursue any goals and dreams that we set for ourselves. Follow your dreams and never give up, and remember that you don’t have to be doing it all on your own, there are always others who are on your team, having your back, cheering you on and supporting you.

So, if you need support in making your dreams come true, Success Engineering can be on your team! Contact us today.


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