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business people looking for business coaching

Achieve Success faster!

Leaders and business owners can find themselves in a fog of challenges; being pulled in many directions, struggling to find time to focus on what is crucial and important to the growth of their business.

Working with a business coach helps you work through the challenges and achieve success faster.

Set your focus:

- Maximise your profits

- Enhance your confidence

- Make decisions promptly

- Build a strong success mindset

- Increase efficiency

- Capitalise on growth opportunities

- Embrace accountability

- Become and stay motivated

- Have a clear direction

Create work-life balance

- Have a business you truly love


With our expertise in NLP (Master Neuro Linguistic Programming) coaching that is enhanced by MBA (Master of Business Administration), Engineering and Project management qualifications, we help you make your dreams your new reality.


Let's get started and engineer your success!


Vered Ohanna, the founder of Success Engineering, is passionate about supporting people and businesses in their journey to success.


Vered's international career in Israel, Australia and New Zealand with over two decades of achievement is supported by her educational credentials that include:

- Masters of Business (MBA),

- Chemical Engineering (BSc.Eng),

- Project Management (PMP),

- Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming),

- Level 2 Coaching, and

- Executive Groups Facilitation.



Success means different things to different people.


Our mission at Success Engineering is to help you identify what success is for YOU, help you understand the WHY behind the WHAT, and engineer your pathway to this success.

We will provide you guidance and support, challenge you with the hard questions that you may have been avoiding, and offer you tools and structure that will allow you to plan, take action and achieve your goals (and well deserved success).

  • Business Coaching

  • Business Mentoring

  • One on one coaching

  • One on one Mentoring

  • Group Coaching

  • Counselling (NLP)

  • Process improvement

  • ​Workshops Facilitation

  • Project management

  • Time management

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