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Vered has been an absolutely fantastic mentor over the last 6 months. At our first meeting I instantly felt comfortable and she has gone above and beyond to adapt to my needs and support me through various challenges in my personal and professional life.

I have been particularly impressed with how personalised the sessions have felt. Instead of impressing an agenda onto our meetings she has taken the time to find out exactly what would be the most helpful and has met me where I am at each time we’ve met. I have really appreciated Vered’s flexibility, kindness and empathy as well as her fresh and positive perspective. Her advice has been spot-on and really demonstrates her expertise and experience both in her field and in life in general.

I thoroughly recommend Vered as a professional mentor. She will challenge your thinking, push you to better yourself and help you reflect on your position and progress.

- Sara Hirsch - Award winning writer, performer and director.

Working with Vered has given me focus on how to move my business forward. But more than that, it given me the opportunity to look at myself, how I operate and what is holding me back from stepping into where I dream of being.

Her high energy is contagious, and I came away from every session pumped to do the things we discussed – even if some of them challenged me and had me stepping to the edge of my comfort zone.

Since working with Vered I have put myself out there applying for things that have been a dream of mine for a long time. The fresh eyes on my business have given me an insight toward new avenues I hadn’t considered, empowered me to step into my super-powers, as well as looking at the numbers and really drilling down into what makes me and my business tick.

I now have someone by my side I can come back and tap into when I want to.

Vered gently prompts you to uncover your dreams and then helps you create the path to reach them.

There is no shame in asking for and getting support when you need it, and Vered is a great asset to have as part of your team – that is if moving forward is what you want.

- Justine - Orange Fox

​"Vered has been a source of positivity and confidence as my mentor for over two years.

From the very first session, when I told her my plans to set up a coaching business, to now, where my business has come to fruition, she has provided me unwavering support.

She has walked alongside me every step of the way, helping me slay self-doubt, challenging me with new perspectives, empowering me to achieve all that I dream of and reminding me to celebrate all progress.

I come away from every session with Vered feeling so lucky to have her on my side.

Her generosity, warmth and positivity are like a ray of sunshine.

I have no doubt that without Vered's support I wouldn't have had the confidence to launch the business I have now."

- Josie

​"Working with Vered helped me to identify the options and opportunities, after experiencing economic and personal challenges, where I shifted my mindset from loss and devastation to welcoming unexpected opportunity to open my own practice.

I understand now in retrospective, how much losing my job in the company affected my confidence, and how impactful was Vered’s support to turn it around.

Her immense experience, positive attitude and focus helped me realise my business goals. With her support and dedication I was able to get to where I wanted to be, without even realising that at first.

I felt empowered to take charge of my own destiny, and I’m so grateful for that."

- Merav

"Vered was a fantastic coach. Her advice helped me a lot in the early days of my new role. She's responsive, intelligent and experienced".

- Jerome

"Thank you for being the answer to my prayers last night. What a blessing you were to me today... it was such a privilege meeting you. Keeping being beautiful and kind and making difference in people's lives."

- E.W.

"Vered Ohanna is highly recommended! She is incredible. She helped me immensely with her services".

- Chloe

"“Vered Ohanna thanks so much. It was great having the coaching discussions with you. Super helpful!”

- Farzana

Reviews from previous workshops participants:





I most appreciated designing the dream (Goal setting on each category), Step by step was great & the examples helped to add perspective. Yes, very excited, I feel motivated to look at a step a time action plan, remembering that consistency is key and fear is powerful.

- Sam

I liked befriending my fears and 5-point test. I'm excited and committed, Straight away making plans to move forward. Leaving current job and work on my business. I liked the group size.

- Foxy Teashop

I enjoyed the practical steps and inspirational stones / quotes + exercises / examples to get thinking. I'm excited, inspired to take a step. Small steps are key. It was nice seeing the personal experiences of Vered and others. Fear exploration was good. 5-pont test was good to prompt assessment + areas to change & focus on.

- Workshop Participant


"It feels great to have the first small step. I don't feel alone, it was great to be in a room with others who will also be looking forward to step forward with their dreams."

- Justine, Orange Fox-

"Very positive. Lots of actions. It was great seeing everyone come alive with steps to take to meet their dream.."

​- Bridget, Cake it forward

"I most appreciated and enjoyed the enthusiasm and skills of Vered and sharing the dreams in 3 years. Lots of lightbulb moments. Well-paced and built on each idea gradually."

​- K.

"I'm stoked to having clarity on what is next. Really enjoyed the workshop. Thanks"

​- Michelle

"Very excited, I will improve and take actions. It was well done and executed. So much knowledge, and the flow was great."

​- Paolo

"I enjoyed evaluating current business and clarifying my direction, taking action was very helpful when bringing it to life. Very excited, I'm ready to reconnect with my direction and think bigger. Aim for dream life, don't settle for less. "

​- Workshop Participant

"I most appreciated the breaking down of the dream into manageable areas/steps. The group exercise was particularly powerful the second time around."

​- J.

"Vered helped me visualise + feel my vision with the exercise to put it into action."

​- Rachel Marks, All Active

" Thanks also for the wonderful workshop, I enjoyed it. It was good to see the engagement you generated. You have a very cool facilitator style which keeps people engaged – nice to see you in action."

​- J.S.

"Amazing trainer and great atmosphere, working in groups, practical experiences, change management, leadership approach, positive thinking... Thank you so much Vered for your time and enthusiasm to prepare this training! :-) You did a great job!"

​- Renata

 "The trainer kept me engaged and the content was easy

to understand - thank you."

​- Glenys

​"The preparedness on the part of the trainer really came through. It was well structured, well presented, engaging and informative - thank-you Vered!
The level of participation from the cross-functional teams was a great way to ensure that we are all on the same page, good opportunity to clarify and align expectations."

- Farzana

"Interactions were very instructive and helped put objectives into perspective. The course helped with answers to some of the issues I have experienced with my current project."

​- Peter


"I liked how Vered bring together the wide and varied groups from across site into one space. You get to appreciate and understand the different stakeholders involved. I also enjoyed the positive nature and support to execute successful projects."​

- Glen

​"The interactive outbreak sessions were very interesting and allowed teams to put the theory to practice.
It also highlighted how to interact with different team members and utilise strengths in the teams."​

- Lee-A


"Great workshop. I enjoyed both sessions very much.

I enjoyed that there were activities to keep us engaged."

​- Maritza


"I liked the focus on holistic project management vs. focus on steps/structure to follow and the opportunity to take some time out, learn some new things, and go back to my desk refreshed and ready to apply some new things.

It was really good to see some time spent on mindfulness, managing stress etc.  As this is an often overlooked piece in everything we do."​

- Joy


"Practical exercises that at the end showed we could have done things another way if we had asked more questions to find the boundaries of the project. Enjoyable informative course, very useful to the work I am currently involved with."​

- Rodney

​"It was an interesting and well-presented course. Really excited and committed to take my first action."​

- Russell


"The practical exercises were good. These kept me engaged and make me think more. I will definitely try to improve on communication. Vered did a great job; she was very engaging, knowledgeable and was able to keep people's attention. Well done for that."​

- Brechje


"I think the workshop achieved its goal: it gave us a good understanding of the basics of Project Management. I think it was very useful even for those ones who are practicing the Project Management role every day."​

- Gabriella

​"Very interactive workshop, good split of the time with some little videos and activities."​

- Tinne

​"I could see that Vered had put a lot of effort into the presentation and knew her topic well, I liked the open discussion and the group involvement. I thought the last comedy video was very good and that Vered did a very good job presenting."​

- Darrel


"Great presenting skills, good workshop."

​- James

​"I liked the group exercises and the focus on soft skills. Good to hear about others experiences with projects.
I liked how it was made relevant to what we do here."​

- Gail

​"Positive attitude of the trainer. The exercises were great."​

- Clemence


"I liked the activities and the video. It was a good training session which gave me a clearer picture on how a project can be done."​

- Purnima

​"It was interesting, tasks and group activity made it clearer, relevant activities. It was well structured and balanced. The trainer made sure it was well presented."​

- Jacob

​"The workshop was interactive and provided information that even those with little or no previous knowledge understood what was being presented. Was presented by Vered in a relaxed manner and encouraged group discussion. I now have a better understanding of the project management process from start to finish that will assist with projects going forward. Will implement ensuring all stakeholders are involved earlier in project initiation."

​- Alex

"I liked the engagement with the other participants. I thought the number of people attending was a good size and while you knew everyone there, it was nice to work with other people from different departments. I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of the processes and who to go to for support."​

- Sheryl

The following videos show how success can mean something different to each individual.

Your own view to success may be similar to some of them or completely different.

Either way, by identifying what success is for YOU, we can tailor the right strategy for you to achieve it.

You will be held accountable while you will be provided with guidance and support to achieve your success.

If you want to get the results you desire and deserve, set yourself ahead of the curve  Contact us now

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