Hello and welcome! My name is Vered Ohanna

I'm passionate about planning and managing the delivery of significant projects and programmes from concept through to successful completion. I also help business owners and individuals define what success is for them, realise what their driving force is (or the "why" behind it) and help them engineer the blueprint to their defined success in life and business.

Get ready to focus on transitioning to a life of abundance and purpose!

All true achievers have a guide and support that hold them accountable and push them to be their best. With Success Engineering by your side, you will get high standards of project management to your required programmes and projects. As a business owner or individual, you will set the goals with the support you need to improve your business and life. Together we will develop strategies with associated tools that will produce your long lasting results and success.

Take control into your hands and achieve the success you deserve now!

Throughout my international career in Israel, Australia and New Zealand, and through an extensive travel around the globe, I have been exposed to the beautiful diversity of people and businesses, understanding what makes them successful and more importantly, that although success has multiple shapes and forms, there is a simple structured process that any business or individual can follow, in order to engineer the blueprint to their own defined success and achieve outstanding results.

I have over two decades of achievements and experience from a variety of private and public industries.

My educational background includes Masters of Business (MBA), Chemical Engineering (BSc.Eng) Project Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaching and executive group facilitation.

If you resonate with systematic approach to your perusal of success, whatever success is for YOU, contact me now and together we can engineer the blueprint to your success and make it your reality!


Success means different things to different people. My mission is to help you identify what success is for YOU, help you understand the WHY behind the WHAT, and engineer your pathway to this success. I will provide you guidance and support, challenge you with the hard questions that you may have been avoiding, and give you tools and structure, whereby you will be able to plan and take action to achieve your goals and well deserved success.

Business owners in NZ face a lot of issues on a daily basis. We all know how challenging some of these can be, so it may come as a surprise for you to learn the results from a recent survey conducted by a business consulting firm, where NZ SME’s were asked what the biggest issue in their business. 51% of the people interviewed, identified that achieving work/life balance was the main issue in their business and 41% identified their issue as time management. Both issues were seen as areas that needed support and something they could not fix on their own.


Looking deeper into the issue, it was revealed that this is not isolated to NZ business owners, and the same trend appears overseas.

Work/life balance has been identified around the world as a defined problem linked directly to poor business performance, staff inefficiency, failing systems and declining processes. It was also linked to lack of training in these areas. These are all areas that you can overcome when we work together, by receiving training and an external guidance with exploring different solutions and support in their implementation.

The following videos show a few views to what success can mean to different people. Your own view may be similar or different, and by identifying what success is for YOU, we can engineer your own blueprint to success. I will hold you accountable while providing you guidance and support to achieve your success.

What's one goal that you're absolutely committed to accomplishing in the next 90 days? Something that excites you more than anything else?

If you want to get the resutls you desire and deserve, contact me now

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