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Discover the power of Project Management: Unlocking Big success for your Small businesses




2 x 4 hrs sessions


About the Course

This two x half-day (total 8 hours) interactive workshop will provide small-business owners practical approach to implement the basics of project management in their small businesses.

This workshop will help business owners to create big impact in their small business by transforming to an outcome focused approach, developing resilience in the face of change, The workshop will allow you to understanding the importance of cost management, developing better time management capabilities, greater leadership and clearer communication skills, improving efficiencies within the business and altogether increasing value in the business.

The workshop is designed to allow business owners bring from their own experience into the training, in a facilitated manner that increases close networking and the shared level of insight, across different types of businesses, as well as creating the opportunity for collaborations between the participating businesses.

Participants will learn how to develop clear expectations, set goals, identify key areas in their business for improvement, identify risks and opportunities, and develop communication skills to confidently manage their time, money and resources to lead their business to success.

At the end of the workshop the participants will have tools that will help them organise, manage, measure and improve different areas of their business, to enhance value within their business.

This workshop is facilitated in an interactive way, whereby the participants are learning through activities, discussion and then, when the tools are being discussed, it is than much clearer to them.

It involves the participants in allowing them to bring and discuss their pain points, and discussing how it can be resolved. The exercises are also designed to allow participants to get to know each other better and possibly come up with opportunities for collaborations, that could be an amazing way for business growth (other than the obvious of providing them tools that will support them in their business).

Your Instructor

Vered Ohanna

Vered is a project manager with about 20 years of experience from multiple industries, as well as a workshop facilitator and a business coach / mentor, helping clients with unclear direction, difficulty managing time and resources, lack of motivation and confidence, or difficulty communicating and leading effectively to find clarity, focus and success.

Vered's credentials include: master NLP and coaching, MBA, Engineering, project management and facilitation qualification).

Vered love seeing people thrive and successful, and love being part of their journey to get there.

Her passion to improve can be implemented through processes, people’s lives or businesses – any way that help people reach a more fulfilling life and career, greater business outcomes and helping them get to a position that they live in abundance and purpose.

In this workshop Vered combines the insights and tools that she gained from past work experience, alongside her knoqledge and qualifications to support small businesses owners.

Vered Ohanna
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