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Different roads lead you to your destination

I went to the Tunnel beach walk at Dunedin today, and it was fantastic, on the way to the beach, I chose the shortest way, which was very steep, and the beauty of the place got closer relatively fast… my knees however reminded me that I’m no longer a spring chicken, and so I slowed my pace…

When I got to the beach - it was absolutely stunning! I absolutely loved it, listening to the waves crushing on the rocks, seeing the reflection of the water, many people standing on the top of some rocks, and even the weather was perfect for this walk - truly wonderful.

As I started heading back, I decided to take the longer path, that is not as steep – in fact much more moderate as it takes quite a long detour, and realised along the way, that not only I get to see the stunning scenery for longer, but I also got to see different angles, that I didn’t see on the shorter way there.

This made me reflect on how we do things at work and in business.

Some prefer the fast and hard road to reach the goal, others prefer the easier steps even if it takes longer – the thing is – either way – you get to reach your goals…

Whatever road you take – remember to enjoy the journey and that there are always more than one way to reach your destination…

choose whatever works best for YOU.

P.S. whichever way you choose in your business, you can always make it easier when you have the support of a coach. Check out our coaching program - Results Rally



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