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Gain career success with Ikigai: Get clarity on short and long-term goals for a fulfilling career

When it comes to career moves, it can be overwhelming to have so many options to consider and it doesn't matter if you are just taking your first steps in your career or if you are already an established executive. With so much to think about, it can be challenging to know if you are actually making the right decision, but getting clarity on your short and long-term goals can help you to align your decision with your vision of your career success. For example, if you're a recent graduate trying to decide what to do next, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available to you. You may not know which industry or direction to take or how to narrow down your choices.

Ikigai (literally 'a reason for being') is a Japanese concept referring to your life or career purpose - your bliss. It can be a great tool to help make sense of all the options you are considering. It combines what you love, what you’re good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for. For example, if you love animals, are good at giving care, and can get paid for it, then a career in veterinary medicine may be a great fit for you. It’s like a compass – when you find what the world needs, the more you align your goals with your strengths and passions; the closer you’ll get to the right direction of a career that will bring fulfilment into your life.

Take the time to really reflect on what it is that you are passionate about, what you’re good at, and what the world needs. Then create both short and long-term goals that align with these interests and strengths.

For example, if you're passionate about sustainability, you could set a short-term goal of researching sustainable business practices, identifying a hand-full of businesses that you would focus on applying for a job there, with a long-term goal that could be in a managerial position in such company, which will set you up to direct projects with significant sustainability impact.

Research the skills and knowledge needed to reach these goals and create a plan to attain them or utilise them with your existing strengths. Network with professionals in your industry to understand better and be willing to take calculated risks. It’s a bit like a puzzle – the more pieces you have, the closer you’ll get to the greater picture of your true career success.

By dedicating your focus and energy to set a clear vision and setting your career goals, you’ll create more momentum to reach your career success. The focus that comes with the clarity will allow you to make meaningful progress on your goals, and you'll begin to see tangible results of your hard work. It’s like a stream of water – the more focused you are, the stronger the current will become and the faster it will carry you to the right direction.

If you’d like some guidance or advice as you pursue your career goals, contact Success Engineering for coaching support. We’re here to help you gain clarity on short and long-term goals, as well as keep you accountable in taking the actions that will lead you to achieve these goals for your career success and fulfilment.


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