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It’s hard to see the picture when you are in the frame

“I feel like I'm failing at everything – my business, my family, even myself. I just can’t continue missing out on everything that is going on with my kids. I put so much effort into the business, and I see the results that I want in the business, but I’m drowning, it’s all just too much, I can’t continue much longer like that”.

I could hear the deep distress in her voice in our first coaching session. She is a successful business-woman that has gathered the courage to ask for help in changing things around in her business, in order to avoid collapsing under all that pressure.

Many times, women in business are so eager to show the world they can do it all, and yes – we women CAN do it all!!! with that – it is also OK to be supported, so we don’t have to carry all the weight on our own shoulders by ourselves – it doesn’t take away anything from our achievements, if anything, it can make our accomplishments even greater!

Sometimes when you are inside the situation, it’s just too hard to realise how to do things differently, in order to get the results that you want, not only in your business, but both in business AND life, doing it on your terms, in a way that you would absolutely love.

Through my coaching sessions with her, she figured out what she would truly love, and what a true success looks like for her. Yes, it did look different than what she initially thought. She realised through our work that she CAN have it all. she can have a successful business AND abundant family time. it doesn’t have to be an either or.

And now, after the process we went through, she no longer has the never-ending struggle to keep up with her growing workload, and she no longer has to struggle to keep it under control. She discovered that it can be easy. It just required a bit of an outside perspective.

After working together through her priorities and changing things around, she gets to enjoy even better results in her business, she gets to focus on what she really loves, and more than that, she gets to spend the time with her kids, being present in their life in ways that she hasn’t been able to do for a long time prior to that. The satisfaction that she gets from each smile on her kids' face is just priceless, and it only adds to her increased business success.

All successful people have a mentor or a coach that pushes them to achieve the things they would truly love. Getting the support will take you to where you want much faster and in a more precise way that would work for you.

So, don’t think twice - Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever have. You can start now by booking your complimentary session here.


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