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Make the decision - be a leader!

I know you just want to keep everyone happy.

Sometimes it’s possible, but not always.

You are trying to make a decision. Don’t try – just make it!

By definition, making a decision means you are going to choose something out of other options. Some may like it, others may not.

Don’t get bogged down in it – not making a decision has its cost too. And it is still not going to keep everyone happy! It will only delay the inevitable… and might even cause a change in the circumstances that may impact your result (and not necessarily for the best).

Focus on what’s right – and just go for it!

I know you can do that.

Think about an audition – only a few will be chosen out of so many. That is part of the process – you have a goal to meet, you need specific results, take the action that serves you, and still, you can be empathetic, considerate, and deeply connected - all WHILE you make the decision!

Trying to please everyone can lead to indecisiveness, inefficiency, and diluted strategies.

Recognise that making tough decisions is part of leadership! Be a leader!


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