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Not making a decision - IS making a decision

Are you a leader or business owner that is hesitant in making decisions?

Consider that not making a decision is in fact making a decision.

We all know that making a decision can be a challenging task at times. The greater the decision that has to be made, the greater the impact it may have. So, before making a decision you want to:

  • analyse all the data and take your time to understand the facts and implications.

  • identify the risks associated with the decision and weigh them against the possible rewards.

  • consult with trusted advisors that are experienced subject matter experts.

  • seek-out other opinions and perspectives to get a well-rounded view of the situation.

  • evaluate the long-term impact of the decision and its potential consequences.

These steps are highly important in leading to the best decision, however, you need to watch out for falling into the trap of paralysis by analysis.

and what if not ALL the information is available? Do you just put the decision making on hold?

What if that has an impact by itself? What if by not making a timely decision, it is actually taken for you, and that may not necessarily be the best option?

The truth is, inaction can have consequences just as a decision would. Failing to make a decision in time can lead to missed opportunities, as well as leaving you vulnerable to the changing circumstances that can have an impact on the situation altogether.

For example, consider a business that is offered an exclusive contract. If that business doesn't act quickly, in the current economy, by withholding the decision the offer may increase significantly in cost, or the opportunity could be offered to another party and the business would lose out on the chance to work with the client altogether. The same holds true for any number of situations.

It's important to remember that the decisions you make, or don't make, can both have lasting repercussions. If you need support with timely decision making strategies, Success Engineering can help.


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