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Success at your feet - measure it!

You know when you get it - SUCCESS - yes, just what you wanted

Success can mean many things to many people. Each person has their own view point to what success is. But whatever your success, you can actually measure it to you are always in the process of increasing it. In order to progress and achieve better results, higher satisfaction, more happiness and continuously celebrating meeting or better yet, exceeding your goals, and setting new ones.

The road to success is very important.

It’s not just about reaching the goal, but also the road you take to get there, and the lessons you learn along the way.

Setting up clear vision to where you want to get to is the initial step that will help you determine your baseline. Measuring it, even if it is a feeling, it can be placed on a scale, describing how this scale is FOR YOU, ensuring that during the process, the changes and growth you are making, can be measured, and the success is exactly what it means to you, in the exact scale that measure it.

If it is a business success, of course that measures of revenue, free time, number of clientts, sales or anything that is relevant for you can be measured. This will allow you to increase clarity, make your goal achievable and of course meaningful to you.


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