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The Power of Appreciation

After nearly six years of volunteering with Business Mentors NZ, I was deeply moved to receive an unexpected letter of appreciation from Hon. Andrew Bayly - the Minister for Small Business and Manufacturing. I volunteer because it’s my way of giving back to the community as a business coach and a mentor, leveraging my skills to make a difference. I’ve never sought recognition, but this message touched me greatly.

This experience has reinforced the incredible power of appreciation. A simple, sincere acknowledgment can warm hearts and uplift spirits. So, I want to remind you all: if someone has made a positive impact on your life, take a moment to let them know. Your words have the power to inspire, to encourage, and to make someone feel truly seen and valued. Never underestimate the impact of a kind word—it can mean the world to someone.

Have you received or given a word of appreciation recently? I'd love to hear your stories!

Share them in the comments below.



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