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What is your dream?

When you think about it - most people have lots of dreams, some are inspired by amazing things we aspire to achieve, other dreams are born out of a challenge we face, where we just want to be on the other side of this challenge.

When someone is about to die, they only have one dream – to live and be healthy. When we are facing extreme circumstances like the many Israeli families, which on 7-October-23, became a nation of people with only one dream – that their loved ones, which were brutally taken hostages, will get back home safely.

Any challenge we face, builds our character, and make us more resilient. However, for today - all I want is to wish that all the people who have just one dream – will get to have that dream fulfilled, be safe and healthy, and that they will be able to replace this one dream with many new dreams to pursue and achieve.


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