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Success Club - Your membership 

If you are a female business-women that is transitioning from a corporate job, either part time or full time – this is for you!

Join the membership here
with an easy monthly payment plan

Only $95 per month

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This membership is for business-women, just like us, who either still working part time while building their business, or that already left the corporate world to follow their dream full time, and now running their business and looking to focus on how to get better results in their business and have ongoing support, without the big price tag.

The idea came to me from hearing from so many business owners recently, that they struggle in their business, and they know they need to get that type of support for their business, but then they brought up the price....

You may also feel scared that you can't afford moving forward, let along get coaching support, even though deep down, you know it's exactly what you need, in order to steer your business in the right direction, and not give up on your dreams and just to get back to your old job. So if that’s you - this idea is exactly for you.

So, here's the vision I've been thinking about: a haven for women who are on a similar journey; who run their own businesses, either part time of full time, and could use a hand in boosting their results. It's going to be more than just coaching sessions; it's a lifeline for keeping your dreams alive and turning your business into a success story. I can envision a hub where you find insights, support, and practical strategies to really take your business to the next level. And the best part? It's not just coaching; it's sort of a ‘treasure box’ of resources like workshops, goal-setting, action plans, Quarterly reviews, accountability, you name it… and to top it up - a really cozy place for sharing, connecting, networking and collaboration opportunities. and it is going to be a work in progress to add these amazing features, while in the meanwhile, you'll take advantage of the coaching sessions.

Now, you are joining as a founding member, while I add additional features, but in the meanwhile, I provide fortnightly coaching session at a ridiculous price, which is one of the big benefits of joining now, as you get in at the lowest price this is ever going to be, and already just by having the coaching it is already a no-brainer offer. The beautiful thing is that this price will be locked-in for as long as you stay a member. PLUS, your voice matters – you will help to shape this membership’s future, as it grows, bringing your ideas to make it work the best for you, as I build this.

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