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A recent interview with Wellington Live

A recent interview with Wellington Live and Update Wellington opened up a discussion about the challenges businesses have, and how they can improve their business outcomes and financial position by improving their operations, especially in the current conditions of the marketplace.

Having visibility and solid processes in place enhance the business strategy and support setting the right operational decisions for the business. These improvements streamline operations, allow the business to measure the results and progress with relevant KPIs, improve efficiency, and sustain consistent high performance that sets the business for growth and success.

Don’t miss out on our offer of transformative strategic meeting for your business, valued at over $300 that will help you discover untapped potential within your business. Contact us today to secure your free spot, and experience first-hand the immense value it could bring your business or organisation.

Check out the Q&A below and enjoy the video.

Q&A - Questions and Answers from the article

Why do you do this?

I’m passionate about helping people. I'm also passionate about improvements, empowerment and creating success. I have been doing it throughout my career as an Engineer and Project Manager, in multiple managerial roles through different industries, working with public and private industries, as well as big international corporations.

Combining the knowledge and experience I gained during 20+ years in Leadership, Engineering and Project Management with NLP coaching strategies, tools and techniques is super-powerful, and it allows me to help business owners increase their personal, professional and business success.

After working part time as a NLP coach and business mentor, while working in project management of a $300M project over the past 4 years, I decided to pursue my passion for coaching and business consulting full-time, knowing that this is the time that businesses really need the support, especially with the recession, cost of living and the tough conditions that businesses are dealing with these days.

For business owners, finding ways to reduce costs within their business, increase efficiencies and find opportunities to increase revenue and agility are more valuable than ever before.

By helping business owners I’m making a positive impact, and giving back to the business community.

How did you get to this stage?

I became a NLP practitioner back in 2015, when I still lived in Australia and worked as a Project manager, and ever since I loved the amazing tools and techniques it provides, which I have been using to a certain extent within the contracts and roles I have held over the years.

It has been my dream for over 10 years to pursue this passion of coaching, as I saw that as something amazing that can help so many people improve at any phase they are at with their business, career or life. NLP helps model excellence; helps improve communication, create a mindset for success and provide successful results to the goals that were set.

I could see how all the previous educational credentials I obtained (Chemical Engineering, MBA, Project management, Master NLP, Executive groups’ facilitation), combined with career experience of over 20 years, connected into a unique value proposition that helps improve mindset, actions, and most importantly results.

Last year I completed my Master NLP, and it re-ignited my passion that was always there for coaching, and I knew that when my last contract in project management will come to an end – this is going to be the time for my long-set dream to come true, and by doing that, I will empower others and give them the tools and support they need to make their own dreams come true as well.

Why do you support women?

Women in business face unique challenges related to gender and visibility.

Being a female engineer and a project manager, I have been working throughout my career in a male-dominated environment, and personally experienced the challenges that women face.

I know the challenges and rewards because I’ve been there, and successfully thrived in my career despite the invisible bias that at times presented itself. By embracing determination, continuous learning and breaking through barriers, I've not only overcome those challenges, but also gained invaluable insights and strength that ignite my passion and purpose to support and empower other women facing similar obstacles.

Although gender equality is being promoted these days and things have improved over the past 2o+ years for women in the business world, there is still a need to navigate through bias and barriers that hold women back from reaching their full potential.

I’m inspired to empower women in their journey through my coaching and mentoring, knowing that it is so valuable as they build a confident and successful mindset – that sets them up for success (as they define it). This mindset helps them not only in their business or career, but also improves multiple areas in their lives.

I help women identify their individual strengths and capabilities, set and achieve goals that leads them to an improved performance, accelerated personal and business/career growth, increased confidence and enhanced leadership skills, which allow them to embrace their own style in a positive, successful way – and more importantly, support them to dream big and achieve big results.

Do you know there is a recession on and this is the worst time to start a business?

Difficult times can present opportunities for those who are open to finding them.

The recession is just one of these opportunities. This is where the value that businesses gain from their investment in coaching services provides them the best return on their investment.

During uncertain times, innovative solutions, adaptability, and agility become crucial.

In good times, business owners may have managed their business without knowing what their cash-flow looks like (their accountant probably knows...), without thinking about better ways of operating or doing things, perhaps without managing their time in the most efficient or effective way - because it was good enough.

But as the belt is getting tightened, this is the time to identify the fat, the inefficiencies, and remove them; it’s the time to find new opportunities that help increase their revenue and survive, if not thrive.

This is exactly the time to identify gaps in the market, find cost-effective solutions, or explore new business models – and having a business coach by their side helps them exactly with that.

So, yes, business owners may initially hesitate about making such an investment in tough times, but this type of investment is exactly what they need - as it will help them transform their business to a much more effective, efficient and agile, and will better position them in the marketplace. So, making the decision to invest in business coaching, which has such a solid value proposition, especially in times like that, is a no-brainer.

As in all investments, it is important to remember - when making the decision to invest in your business, it is crucial to take into account the value you get out of your investment, rather than the dollar value you pay as part of that investment.

I therefore see the business coaching as a solid value proposition, which allows launching and succeeding in business, even during challenging economic periods.

How do you deal with pressure?

I assume that by pressure you mean stress.

Remembering that stress is only a reaction to a situation and not the situation itself, NLP provides great tools to manage such stress.

When looking into how stress is being created in the first place, people usually feel stressed when they think that the demands of the situation are greater than their resources to deal with that situation. This is where the coaching comes into play and helps gaining control over the situation.

Strategies for handling the pressure or stress can include effective time management, prioritisation, better cash-flow management, setting realistic goals, setting boundaries, seeking support from mentors or coaches, having a supporting network around you, practicing self-care, maintaining a positive mindset and learning from setbacks.

By identifying the specific factors for stress, the strategies can be tailored more accurately to the situation, the personal circumstances and the way to manage it.

Altogether, a business coach is like a GPS, guiding you through the journey of your business success. This is done by providing clarity and direction, helping you to navigate the obstacles and pitfalls that come with the territory. Just like a GPS, a business coach will help you stay on the right path, reach your destination safely, with confidence, and reach new heights of success, while breaking the long road to an easy step-by-step way to implement. And if you came off the road by mistake or due to circumstances that are outside of your control, it will recalculate the new path, and still take you to the same success destination you set.

Therefore, with the help of the coach, you are getting to feel back in control, and it helps dramatically to reduce the pressure or stress.


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