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The Blue pinguins and the power of continuous effort

Last week I took a trip to Otago Peninsula, going to see the little blue pinguins.

I was so excited about it. The trip through the Peninsula kicked off under a drizzle, and all of us in the van were disappointed a bit about the weather, as it meant we wouldn’t see much, but little did we know, nature had a surprise in store. The sky cleared out slowly, unveiling a breathtaking rainbow that felt like a promise of wonders ahead.

When we arrived to Pukekura, after a great stories and explanation all the way there and at the Royal Albatross Centre, learning about the little blue pinguins (Korora), we had to wait in the dusk to see those little pinguins emerging from the sea.

It was super-windy and so cold, and I initially braved the freezing winds with my own lack of proper gear, and after almost an hour, the cold and impatience got the better of me, and after seeing just a few of them, I retreated to the van before the spectacle unfolded.

The rest of the group turned back to the van from the beach no longer than 20 minutes later, thrilled with images and videos of dozens of these adorable creatures. My coaching mind immediately reflected and made me think about our pursuit of goals – the obstacles we face and how sometimes we stop right before the finish line. The great result could be just a few heart bits away, but we might miss it if we give up too soon.

I still enjoyed it, but the insight was clear - when we are setting a goal for ourself, as we are going through the obstacles that are on the way, we can go for a while and sometimes we just quit before the end, and the end could be so close, but we wouldn’t know it, unless we keep going all the way to the end!

Those obstacles may extend the road, and the path may wind more than you anticipated, but persist, for your goal might be just around the corner!


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