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You Are Your Own Brand: Communicate Your Value

I know that it’s not easy. If you are anything like me and you moved from having a long successful career into becoming a business owner, you might be struggling with it too.

To start putting yourself out there and talk about what you do, how great you are, share your pictures, your thoughts and feelings can place you in a very vulnerable and uncomfortable position, especially since this is a massive change from being an employee, whereby your excellent work was all the proof you required for everyone to already know how great you are. As an employee you don’t really need to talk about the great job that you do – you just do it, and people get to see it and realise it by themselves. But when you are the owner of your own business, being the best kept secret will take you nowhere…

Going through this process myself, I've learned that as I put myself “out there” it becomes less scary with time, and creating a habit of doing it makes it a bit easier, I can see many of my clients that are business owners still find it challenging to effectively communicate their value, feeling uncomfortable in putting themselves out there, sharing their expertise and passion with their audience.

So, I thought to highlight the obvious - This can lead to missed opportunities and delayed growth of your business.

To overcome this barrier, it’s crucial to embrace and confidently communicate your unique value, even if it feels uncomfortable (this is where growth starts). By leveraging your background, skills, and passion, you can build trust, attract the right clients, and establish a strong, authentic brand presence.

So, here are my 3 simple steps that you can follow:


1.     Identify Your Unique Value:

  • Reflect on your extensive background and expertise.

  • For me, this includes over 20 years of real-world experience with international companies across multiple industries, an engineering and management background, and skills in process improvement, project management, leadership, and team building. This background provides a structured way of thinking, simplifying processes for my clients with clear direction.

  • Highlight your educational background and additional qualifications.

  • In my case, my educational background includes Engineering, an MBA, Project Management, coaching, Master NLP, and facilitation. This diverse education supports all that I do, enhancing my solution and results focus with innovative thinking, making the whole greater than its parts.

2.     Connect with Your Passion:

  • Understand that your passion is your drive.

  • I know that one of the more important things I really love doing is to help my clients find their passion and work from that, because anything they create in their business, career, or life becomes so much more powerful, enjoyable and successful, as their drive increase dramatically, which is intrinsic to the happiness they feel (much more often) as they are following their true desire and achieving all that they wanted.

3.     Diversify Your Services:

  • Expand the mix of services you offer –diversifying your services will help you get you’re your expertise into the world in more than one way.

  • In my example, I provide the following services:

  • Business Coaching to help business owners enhance their opportunities and realise their full business potential, by working through limiting believes, and helping them stop holding themselves back from even bigger success.

  • Career Coaching, where I’m helping people find what they truly love and find the right career pathway for them, to increase their satisfaction, and working conditions.

  • Transforming Hobby into a Business – I help people create their own business from their passion - it can be either as a side hustle, while they are still having their career, or a full-time business.

  • Leadership Development – where I support leaders and enhancing their leadership skills – I’m working with them 1:1 or in groups.

  • Workshops Facilitation in areas of project management, leadership, team building, and clarifying vision, facilitation of processes to building roadmaps and transforming it into a simple action plan.

By confidently articulating your value and leveraging your unique skills and passion, you build trust, attract the right clients, and establish a strong, authentic brand presence. This approach not only helps you overcome initial discomfort but also ensures sustainable business growth and success.

Ready to open-up opportunities, maximise your potential and elevate your success? Contact me and together we’ll transform your vision into reality.



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